Commercial Legal Advice for the Transport & Logistics Industry

We offer fixed fee legal advice for the transport and logistics industry

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Packaged Legal / Commercial Solutions

Prosper Law is proud to partner with Freight Companies Australia to deliver packaged commercial / legal packages. 

Whether you are new to the freight role or have been working in logistics for years, Freight Companies Australia can help you customise a delivery solution for your company's exact needs to facilitate an efficient and effective supply chain. Freight Companies Australia will work with your business to ensure you get the most out of the Australian freight industry.

Visit Freight Companies Australia to find out more or contact Prosper Law today.

Distribution, Transport and Commercial Contracts

We're experts at drafting and negotiating contracts that will manage your business' risk, identify commercial opportunities and ensure your agreement works for your business. If your business' contracts are overlooked or not reviewed properly, you might encounter problems later into the commercial arrangement and with unintended consequences.

Warehouse Workers

Work Health and Safety Law

Transport and logistics carries with it a number of work, health and safety risks. Navigating the insurance and employment law issues can be daunting; but we're here to help. We can provide legal advice on preventative measures as well strategies to deal with disputes and issues arising after a health and safety incident.

Regulatory and Compliance

We provide commercial and legal advice on supply chain, chain of responsibility, , modern slavery, vehicle, packaging and other regulations relevant to the transport and logistics industry? Talk to an experienced business lawyer today for regulatory advice, as well as communicating with regulators on behalf of your business.

Our Transport & Logistics Legal Services

We offer legal advice to a range of transport operators. We focus on clients in heavy transport, rail, road transport, marine and bus transport, including freight brokerage.

We also offer commercial and legal advice to providers of warehousing and storage facilities. 

Our Transport & Logistics Lawyer

Farrah is an Australian business lawyer with experience in the transport and logistics industry.

Farrah has provided commercial and legal advice to multi-billion dollar transport & logistics departments.

You can learn more about Farrah here.

On the Phone
On the Phone

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We are a commercial law firm and practice in the following areas of law:

  • Intellectual Property Law

  • Contract Law

  • Consumer Law

  • International Services

  • Commercial Law

  • Employment Law

  • Disputes and strategy

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Christian Schwertfeger - Creative Director

"In every aspect of our working relationship we have found Farrah to be extremely knowledgeable, committed and thorough in her work for us. She is a woman of integrity who consistently take the stress out of what can be at times stressful matters. We will continue to utilise her services and highly recommend Prosper Law..."




Adam & Karlita

"Prosper Law have provided our business with the much needed legal advice that have allowed us to have a greater understanding and appreciation for Construction Contract Law. We’ve highly valued Farrah’s advice and exceptional negotiation skills, ensuring successful outcomes for our Business! Prosper Law have become and integral and valued member of our Business"




"Farrah is a skilled lawyer that is able to articulate key legal concepts in a way that facilitates a greater understanding of important risks and their implications. In working on key contracts with her, I have found great value in adopting the suggestions provided and appreciated her ability to agree on and meet important timeframes."

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