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I am an Australian business lawyer and the Legal Principal of this exciting, business-minded, online law firm. I am an online business lawyer and experienced legal counsel with a passion for developing commercially-oriented legal solutions.

I was admitted to the Supreme Court of Queensland in 2014 and have since worked at the legal coal face of Australian businesses.

Prosper Law was established to help in-house legal teams and businesses cut through complexity, provide plain-English advice and empower businesses to prosper. Prosper Law is not about restating the law; it's about driving successful business outcomes and problem solving.

As an experienced, Australian business lawyer with a Bachelors degree in both law and business, I have extensively advised corporate clients across the world, including Australia, the Asia Pacific region, the UK and the Middle East.


My clients have included international consultants, retailers and distributors, as well as sole traders and start-ups. 

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Author of The Great Australian Puzzle, published in the Law Institute Journal of Victoria (November 2018 Edition)

Appeared on Ticker News

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Christian Schwertfeger - Creative Director

"In every aspect of our working relationship we have found Farrah to be extremely knowledgeable, committed and thorough in her work for us. She is a woman of integrity who consistently take the stress out of what can be at times stressful matters. We will continue to utilise her services and highly recommend Prosper Law..."




Adam & Karlita

"Prosper Law have provided our business with the much needed legal advice that have allowed us to have a greater understanding and appreciation for Construction Contract Law. We’ve highly valued Farrah’s advice and exceptional negotiation skills, ensuring successful outcomes for our Business! Prosper Law have become and integral and valued member of our Business"




"Farrah is a skilled lawyer that is able to articulate key legal concepts in a way that facilitates a greater understanding of important risks and their implications. In working on key contracts with her, I have found great value in adopting the suggestions provided and appreciated her ability to agree on and meet important timeframes."

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