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A fixed fee Commercial Law Firm for Writers and Publishers

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Legal Reads for Books and Publications

We offer pre-publication legal reads for authors and publishers. We can provide advice on legal issues as well as offer alternative wording to reduce legal risk for publications. 

We understand defamation, intellectual property infringement, libel, sedition, contempt and misleading and deceptive conduct and can offer expert legal advice. 

At the Office

Review and preparation of commercial agreements

If you need a lawyer to review or write a confidentiality agreement, publishing agreement, distribution agreement, author or ebook agreement, contact us today.

We can ensure you get the best deal and that it is appropriately recorded and enforceable.

We provide legal advice to authors, publishers and distributors and can help with your commercial agreement.

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We Understand Publication Risks

Prosper Law's Legal Principal, Farrah, is an experienced lawyer and understands how non-fiction books, fiction books, ebooks and other publications can create risk for writers, editors and publishers.

We can help you to identify publication risks and develop a strategy to reduce risk.


We offer legal expertise and legal reads for a fix fee. We are a 5 Star Rated commercial law firm.

Friendly, Fixed Fee Legal Services

We provide our clients with first-class legal advice for a fixed price. We don't charge administrative costs or hidden fees.

If you're a publisher, editor, writer or distributor and need legal advice, you have come to the right place.

Our publications legal advice is provided to clients across Australia. You can talk to a friendly publications lawyer from the comfort of your own home.

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Talk to a Lawyer for Books & Publications

Call, text, email or chat to a publications lawyer to claim your free consultation and discuss how we can help your publication to prosper.

Why Choose Prosper Law?

Prosper Law is a boutique, commercial law firm. We operate online, which means we can provide fast commercial and legal advice to authors, publishers and distributors, no matter where they are located. 

You decide how and when you would like to receive our legal services. 

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Christian Schwertfeger - Creative Director

"In every aspect of our working relationship we have found Farrah to be extremely knowledgeable, committed and thorough in her work for us. She is a woman of integrity who consistently take the stress out of what can be at times stressful matters. We will continue to utilise her services and highly recommend Prosper Law..."




Adam & Karlita

"Prosper Law have provided our business with the much needed legal advice that have allowed us to have a greater understanding and appreciation for Construction Contract Law. We’ve highly valued Farrah’s advice and exceptional negotiation skills, ensuring successful outcomes for our Business! Prosper Law have become and integral and valued member of our Business"




"Farrah is a skilled lawyer that is able to articulate key legal concepts in a way that facilitates a greater understanding of important risks and their implications. In working on key contracts with her, I have found great value in adopting the suggestions provided and appreciated her ability to agree on and meet important timeframes."

We are a commercial law firm and practice in the following areas of law:

  • Intellectual Property Law

  • Contract Law

  • Consumer Law

  • International Services

  • Commercial Law

  • Employment Law

  • Disputes and strategy

We are a commercial law firm and provide legal services in the following industries:

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