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Take comfort knowing that you are dealing with a law firm that understands you and can offer plain English legal advice.

We get it; the success of our business hinges on the success of our clients' businesses. This is why we create a genuine partnership with our clients and go the extra mile to help your business succeed.

A Genuine Partnership.

We strive for simplicity. We speak to our clients in easy-to-understand, plain English. We don't try to impress with 'legalese'. Instead, we explain, communicate and contribute to meaningful conversations with our clients about their legal matters.

Understandably Simple.

We're here to provide first-class legal services to our clients. Our focus is on you, not ourselves. We're open, honest and direct in a way that will have you forgetting you are dealing with a lawyer.

Down-to-earth approach.

We understand that dealing with any legal matter can be stressful. We look at ways we can reduce your stress levels and avoid the personal toll that legal issues can sometimes have on our clients. Relax, you are in good hands.

Reduce Stress.

Our Values.

About Farrah.

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I am an Australian business lawyer and the Legal Principal of this exciting, business-minded, online law firm. I am an online business lawyer and experienced legal counsel with a passion for developing commercially-oriented legal solutions.

I was admitted to the Supreme Court of Queensland in 2014 and have since worked at the legal coal face of Australian businesses.

Prosper Law was established to help in-house legal teams and businesses cut through complexity, provide plain-English advice and empower businesses to prosper. Prosper Law is not about restating the law; it's about driving successful business outcomes and problem solving.

As an experienced, Australian business lawyer with a Bachelors degree in both law and business, I have extensively advised corporate clients across the world, including Australia, the Asia Pacific region, the UK and the Middle East.


My clients have included international consultants, retailers and distributors, as well as sole traders and start-ups. 

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Author of The Great Australian Puzzle, published in the Law Institute Journal of Victoria (November 2018 Edition)

Appeared on Ticker News and News Australia


You Asked,
We Answered.

How much do you charge? What can I expect to pay for your legal services?

Prosper Law is a fixed fee law firm. That means we do not charge you based on the time we spend on your matter (which can add up really fast!). We will provide you with a fixed fee quote up front and this is the amount you will be charged for our legal services, regardless of how long we spend on your matter.

How do I start the process to get legal advice?

Getting fast and affordable legal advice has never been easy. Firstly, reach out to us by email, text or phone or complete a contact form on our website. We'll then contact you to arrange an initial consultation which can be by phone, email or Zoom (depending on your preference).


Once we have enough information about your matter, we will email a fixed fee quote to you. Once you have agreed to the quote, we will get started on your legal matter and keep you regularly informed

Is the initial legal consultation free?

Yes! We provide a free initial consultation so that we can get to know you, you can get to know us and make sure we are the right fit for you. We will also listen to you about your legal matter and ask some basic questions.


If your legal matter isn't too complicated, we will provide you with an outline of how we can help you.


All of this is free and you are no obligated to engage us to provide you with legal advice.

We don't just provide legal advice to businesses.


We also provide legal advice to individuals who are thinking about running a business or operating a business as a sole trader.


We even provide legal advice to individuals seeking legal advice about their employment; including senior staff, managers and executives.

What kind of clients do you work with?

We have experience working with a broad range of clients and in different industries.


As we our a commercial law firm, we work with entreprenuers, startups, partnerships and many other businesses. We also work with individuals looking to start a business or seeking individual employment legal advice.


Our clients have included professiona consultants, engineering firms, book editors, ecommerce owners, designers, importers, transport businesses, retailers, product distributors, 3D and visualisation professionals and many other clients.

Do you have an office I can visit?

We are available to meet with our client at our Brisbane office at Suite 99, Level 54, One One One Eagle Street, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.


We mostly provide our legal services online. Because of this, we can offer faster, more affordable legal services to our clients.


You can reach us anytime, from anywhere.

Are you a 'typical' law firm?

No way!


At Prosper Law, we do things differently. We use technology, we are friendly and approachable and go above and beyond for our clients, without adding those 'extras' onto your bill at the end.


If we see a way that you can add value to your business, we'll let you know. It's included in the price.


Farrah (our Legal Principal) is friendly, down-to-earth and a practical-minded business lawyer.

When do I have to pay for legal services?

When you have to pay for your legal services depends on the type and complexity of your legal matter and the time it will take to complete our legal services.


For example, if your matter requires us to provide you with a one-off contract, we will bill you at the end of your legal matter.


Alternatively, if your matter involves ongoing or complex legal advice, or incurring disbursements and costs on your behalf, we may request payment up front into our trust account, or monthly billing.

How many lawyers will work on my matter?

When you receive legal services from Prosper Law, they are provided by one lawyer only; Farrah Motley. Farrah is a qualified commercial lawyer with a wealth of experience dealing with commercial legal matters.


We do not use paralegals on our clients' legal matters

Yes! Our commercial lawyer, Farrah, has extensive experience providing legal advice to businesses that operate internationally. Farrah has provided legal advice to global companies the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand the Middle East, Asia and Europe.


Talk to us today about our legal services for international companies.

Yes. You can pay for our legal services through our buy now, pay later provider - QuickaPay.


QuickaPay is a payments platform that lets you pay for services your way, by credit or debit card, or with a 10 week interest free instalment plan.


This means that instead of paying for our legal services in one lump sum, you can spread out cost over 10 instalments.


We find this is a helpful way for our clients to manage cash flow, without having to delay in getting that all important legal advice when you need it.

Where can I find reviews about your law firm?

We boast a 5 Star Google Rating!


You can take a look at all of our reviews by visiting this link.

Can I pay for legal services using cryptocurrency?

Yes. We offer clients a secure way to pay for our legal services using cryptocurrency. We accept most cryptocurrencies as payment and you can decide at what point in time you would like to calculate the conversion from Australian Dollar to your cryptocurrency of choice.

Commercial and legal advice.

Any good business lawyer understands the commercial implications of their legal advice. At Prosper Law, we don't just tell you what the law says; we say how our advice will effect your business and how it can be implemented in a commercial way.

A Modern business lawyer.

Farrah represents a new generation of business lawyer. With nearly a decade in the legal industry, Farrah brings legal technology and common-sense legal advice together. The result is a modern, highly responsive and affordable business lawyer.

Fixed fee legal advice.

Prosper Law is a fixed fee law firm. This means that you will know exactly how much you will pay for your legal matter, with no surprises. Being able to offer our clients a fixed fee legal services means we know what we're doing and we know exactly how much it is going to cost.

A breadth of experience.

We have worked with hydraulic and fire consultants, designers, labour-hire companies, distributors, builders, book editors, eCommerce platforms and much, much more. Our breadth of commercial and legal experience shows itself in the advice we give.

Contact an experienced business lawyer today.

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